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* Residents' Opinions Being Ignored

* Homes And Property Taken With Eminent Domain

* Millions Of Dollars In Concessions Going To Developers

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Feel strongly about keeping Gilbert a family friendly town with a small-town atmosphere? Sandra is the only candidate who will work for responsible growth for Gilbert, putting the residents' needs and desires first. Need an internship for a political science or marketing degree, or just want to help Sandra get elected as Mayor? Email a brief description of how you would like to help to

Big needs are Marketing, Fundraising, and Social Media, but all assistance is welcome.

Why Am I Running For Mayor?

Hi, I want first to say that I am not a politician. Although I vote, and have sat on a few organizations' boards, I try to avoid anything political. So why then am I running for Mayor of Gilbert?

I have lived in Gilbert for most of the seventeen years since I moved to Arizona. I love our town and its distinctive, friendly, feel. Recently, though, I have seen many indicators that this is all about to change. I want to help develop our unique town in a way that the residents here will continue to be proud of.

There are a lot of issues going on with the Town of Gilbert and I will share them with you on this site as I gather the facts. The biggest issue though, and what is most important to me, is that the Town is doing its best to keep as much information from the people as possible.

To me, knowledge is power. By delaying giving the public information, and withholding as much as legally possible, the Town is taking away our power. Yes, we elect our officials to handle running our town but, when they withhold information specifically because they know it goes against what the residents of Gilbert want, there is a big problem! I have my own opinions on issues, and I will share them with you here, but, no matter what my opinions are, I am here to support what the people of Gilbert want and to let you know if what you want is being done.

Who Am I?

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I have many titles: Mother, Grandmother, Designer, Coach... I enjoy many activities: Drawing, Traveling, Archery... I have experienced many things in my life which will help me understand the different needs of the residents of Gilbert: Was Single Mom, Worked In Architecture & Design, Live Alone In Later Years Of Life, Was A School Teacher... Live a life of constantly learning: Master's in Education and Coaching, Bachelor's in Design Management & Education, Other Higher Education in...

Some Issues I Believe Need Addressing

Lack Of Transparency - Keeping Residents In The Dark

The more I dig into issues with the Town, the more I see how hard they try to get around letting the public know what is going on until it's too late to do anything about it. The following are a few of the examples I have come across.

Irresponsible With Taxpayer Money

I admit, I have not run a town before but, from what I see, it seems a lot of money is being spent unnecessarily and much of it in amounts just under what is needed to get additional approval.

Discrimination Against Elderly And Mobility Challenged

Several recent decisions show just how discriminatory the Town has started becoming. It is sad to see a certain group of people being made to feel unwelcome here.

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